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Nithin Kamath Car Collection and Net Worth

Nithin Kamath Car Collection and Net Worth – Nithin Kamath is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zerodha. He began trading stocks after being introduced to the markets by his friends at just 17. He started trading in penny stocks. He had accumulated quite a bit of money by the time he finished his engineering degree from the Bangalore Institute of Technology.

Nithin Kamath Wiki, Age, Biography

Nithin Kamath is 42 years old as of 2022, born on 5 October 1979. He began investing at the age of 17 by managing his father’s trading account. He was doing well in trading up to the age of 22, but the 2001 market crash cost him his cash, and he even took a job at a contact center to get some money to return to the stock market.

He launched Zerodha at the age of 31, and the rest is history. His company is now the #1 brokerage firm in India in terms of volume.

Nithin Kamath was born to a Konkani family in the Indian city of Shivamogga, Karnataka. U.R. Kamath, his father, worked for Canara Bank as an executive. He learned how to play the vena from his mother, Revathi.

Seema Patil is Nithin Kamath’s spouse, whom he met while he was working in a call center, and the two were wed in 2008. Basketball is his favorite sport. A son named Kiaan was also a blessing for the couple.

Full Name Nithin Kamath
Date of birth 5 October 1979
Occupation CEO, Zerodha
Education Degree from the Bangalore Institute of Technology (Electronics Telecommunications)
Marital status Married
Mother’s Name Revathi Kamath
Father’s Name U.R Kamath
Wife’s Name Seema Patil
Child Kiaan Kamath (son)
Siblings Nikhil Kamath (Younger brother)
Birth Place Shivamogga, Karnataka
Net Worth Approx. $2 billion as of FY22
Zodiac sign Libra

Nithin Kamath Education

Nithin Kamath finished both his school and college education in Bangalore in 1996. He earned a degree in Electronics Telecommunications from the Bangalore Institute of Technology. His Marwari buddies advised him to engage in the stock market while he was still in college. As a result, he began dealing with his father’s trading accounts at the young age of 17.

Nithin Kamath Career

Nithin Kamath grew up in Bengaluru and was raised by a veena instructor mother and a father who is a Canara bank manager. He was introduced to stocking for the first time at the age of 17.

Nithin Kamath quit his call center job after landing his first client. Following that, he persisted in working hard on his interest, and in a matter of months, he acquired ten clients. However, he found it challenging to manage 10 Clients. He then made the decision to work as a sub-broker with Reliance Money, where he later discovered several flaws.

He started a professional advising company by becoming a franchisee of the brokerage firm Reliance Money in 2006. His brother Nikhil, who Nithin Kamath asserts is a greater trader than he was, joined him at about this time. 

Prior to founding Zerodha, he worked for 12 brokerage firms, all of which employed Old School practices. Additionally, the site’s organizational structure wasn’t very user-friendly, which is why new users are cautious about trading in the stock market.

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